Motorola Xyboard Tablet Hotspot issue with Windows 7

Motorola Xyboard Tablet Hotspot issue with Windows 7

If you have a Motorola Xyboard Tablet and if your going to use it as a hotspot you may run into an issue. I found this out recently when trying to use my new Motorola Xyboard Tablet.

I had no problem connecting to the wifi hot spot the issue I had was it could not access some site, one of which was as well as I was able to get to and some other sites like but for some reason it would not access alot of our client sites. This was a big issue for me.

If you are having the same issue with your Motorola Xyboard Tablet Hotspot on Windows 7 here is the answer.

Step 1: Click on the start button.

Step 2: Click on all programs

Step 3: Click on Accessories

Step 4: RIGHT Click on the Command Prompt and click run as administrator.

Step 5: Please look at the image below to see what you have to enter.

  1. type: netsh, then hit enter
  2. type: interface, then hit enter
  3. type: ipv4, then hit enter
  4. type: set subinterface “wireless network connection” mtu=1428 store=persistent, then hit enter and your DONE.

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