Website Design Plans

We can work with you to get the right plan for you budget.

Basic Design

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All we need to Get Started Today is a Design Down Payment on the project. We can take Payments on the rest of your Project. Contact Us to learn more.

Hosting Plans to Keep your site Online

Logo Design

Every website starts with a name and a logo. We try to design the site around the logo to match it.


Your images and content/text for the website. examples: about, services, contact ect..

Layout Design

Each page can have a different layout like the home page is different from the about page.


After the layout is done you have a chance to make change request. examples: changing colors, images, font ect..

Contact Form

A contact for is a way for customers to fill out a for and hit send. This form goes to your email.

Social Media Pack

We can connect your site to a Facebook page we can also set up. This way when you add to the site you can post to Facebook.

SEO Development

This sound easy but it’s not we work with you to target the right keywords and title for your site to help SEO.

Update Support

This support is limited but is good for content changes, color changes, changing images, ect.. The support time renews each year.

WordPress Integration

We use a Content Management System called WordPress, this allows you to log in and make changes to the site easy.

Domain Name

Every Website needs a domain name. The domain is used to point to the server/host of the website.

Hosting Discount

Get a 10% Discount off your hosting for 3-6 months depending on your plan.

Email Marketing

We can integrate email marketing to help you keep in touch with your visitors.

Contact us if you have any Questions
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